There are big changes coming to the Chetwood Clan Armory. Since the debacle with GA Precision we have been thinking of how to bounce back. After discussing things with family and friends we have decided to phase out custom rifles completely.
We will continue to do local gunsmithing and even out of state gunsmithing work if it is interesting. Let me be clear about one thing though…SLIPSTREAM WILL NEVER GO AWAY.
The main focus will now be Gundoc’s Doctrine. It’s been a project of mine since before Crusader and now is the move that makes sense. I will be sending out messages to small shop holster makers, ammo makers, gun makers, ect locally (if you now any near you I would appreciate giving me a shout) and across the country. We will turn Gundoc’s from a “when I feel like it” blog into something truly unique.
How many gun magazines have a gunsmith doing reviews? And I’m not talking about just taking it to the range, getting pictures, and writing a glowing report because it was a free day at the range. I’m talking about tearing it down and getting to know it like only a gunsmith can. I’m talking about being able to tell you about design flaws and what the quality truly is. Sure…I’m taking it to the range…you have to see how it shoots…but I believe I can give a perspective on firearms that isn’t being given.
I hope you’ll all support us in this move and stick with us during the shift to writing more than building.
Thank you,