Slipstream Weapon Lubricants

MGC slipstream addWe like to think outside the box, and our search for a perfect firearm lubricant was no different. We went beyond the gun industry, and even beyond the automotive industry from which firearm lubricants are often derived. We looked at heavy industry and even the space program in our search. What we discovered was a nano-lubricant that is simply the slickest thing we’d ever seen! We then blended this nano-lubricant with a synthetic oil creating a proprietary lubricating formula, and the results we saw were simply jaw-dropping. We’ve since tested our formula in countless firearm makes and models and have yet to be unimpressed. A sample of our formula was provided to a U.S. military officer for testing. After applying the lubricant he proceeded to fire several thousand rounds through his weapon in dirty, dusty conditions with no cleaning. After more than 4000 rounds fired without a hiccup he told us “It was like a ‘slipstream’ between the moving parts.” Slipstream© Weapon Lubricant was born.

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