There are big changes coming to the Chetwood Clan Armory. Since the debacle with GA Precision we have been thinking of how to bounce back. After discussing things with family and friends we have decided to phase out custom rifles completely.
We will continue to do local gunsmithing and even out of state gunsmithing work if it is interesting. Let me be clear about one thing though…SLIPSTREAM WILL NEVER GO AWAY.
The main focus will now be Gundoc’s Doctrine. It’s been a project of mine since before Crusader and now is the move that makes sense. I will be sending out messages to small shop holster makers, ammo makers, gun makers, ect locally (if you now any near you I would appreciate giving me a shout) and across the country. We will turn Gundoc’s from a “when I feel like it” blog into something truly unique.
How many gun magazines have a gunsmith doing reviews? And I’m not talking about just taking it to the range, getting pictures, and writing a glowing report because it was a free day at the range. I’m talking about tearing it down and getting to know it like only a gunsmith can. I’m talking about being able to tell you about design flaws and what the quality truly is. Sure…I’m taking it to the range…you have to see how it shoots…but I believe I can give a perspective on firearms that isn’t being given.
I hope you’ll all support us in this move and stick with us during the shift to writing more than building.
Thank you,

Official Announcement

Crusader Weaponry has been contacted by the attorney for GA Precision. Evidently our name and logo infringes on the trademark rights of one of their rifle models. Though it sounds like apples and oranges, after studying up, it isn’t.

Crusader Weaponry is forced to change our name and logo in order to keep from being sued by the ownership of GA Precision. Crusader Weaponry isn’t dead. Checks for rifles will still be made our to Crusader we just can’t have a website, or other marketing products, that include the Crusader name or logo.

To that end Crusader Weaponry will be taking on the name of Chetwood Clan Armory.

Thank you for all the support Crusader has seen over most of the last decade. I hope I can continue to earn your support under Chetwood Clan Armory.


The 6.8SPC Hunter

It’s 0500hrs on the last weekend of deer season in South Texas. The December air is chilled just enough for us to see our breath. I’m sitting in the blind thinking about what needs to happen. The feeder was set to go off in about an hour so settle in for some silentimage watching to take my mind off of the cold. Now, this friend owns a 308 Broadsword rifle but I brought along a 6.8 SPC II that I’d been working on. This was to be the first time he had hunted with the caliber.

Long before the feeder went off we had a couple of does come in looking for breakfast. The first, a yearling, was too small and another bigger doe. If you haven’t seen the south Texas deer they are about the size of a fat greyhound dog. So the bigger the better.

We still had some time to wait before we could legally shoot but really didn’t need the law to tell us that. There just wasn’t enough light for the scope yet so we just watched them. They milled around under the feeder, obviously waiting for breakfast to be served, and drifted away as a buck came in from the opposite direction. A nice buck but he already filled his buck tags so we were here for the doe that just left our sight.

About 0630 the does cautiously make their way back to the feeder, a mere 60yds away. My friend raises the rifle to prepare for his work to come. His breathing became long and slow, there’s always adrenaline to battle with in these moments. The doe lines up, broadside, under the feeder and dips her head toward the corn.

The pressure increased on the trigger until it let the hammer fly. She ran about 35 yards and collapsed.

Ballistics on this doe were amazing. The Silver State Armory 115 grain open tip match (or OTM) round we used wouldn’t have been my first choice but it did extremely well. The entry wound looked more like an exit wound but we weren’t using the best hunting round. Even more interesting was the lack of an exit wound. That tells me that all of the 1396 ft lbs of energy it had at impact was transferred to the target. That, to me is ideal. The shot was perfectly placed and harvested the deer with little suffering. When gutting the deer the heart was nowhere to be found. It just became part of the “jello” in the chest cavity.

When asked about the experience my friend was very pleased. The 6.8 kicks like a 5.56 but was an efficient hunting round. The bullet was accurate and was something even his daughters could comfortably shoot.

All in all, the 6.8 SPC is an underestimated round.

The Trump Card


There’s been a lot of media splash on Donald Trump. I have my own idea about what he’s doing. I haven’t heard anyone say it but if you’ve already heard something similar, please let me know the source.

If you remember right this isn’t his first time running in the primary. He always makes a scene and is immediately dismissed. This time is a little different because WE are different. After two terms of the worst US president in national history we as a people are different. We don’t believe the hype that is being thrown at us anymore. We’re sick of the constant flow of bull excrement and someone like Donald Trump getting up there and just laying it out…no apologies…just the facts as he sees them…people are flocking to it and actually listening.

Naturally the media is having none of it. In a society where you are not allowed to say or do something that MAY or MAY NOT offend someone, someone not apologizing is against the rules…and that is exactly why people like him.

Let’s face it though…is the presidency Trumps end game here? No way in Hell. Trump is a Billionaire. He could own Obama several times over. Who is he going to trust to run his business in his four year absence? If you guessed NO ONE, I think you would be correct.

Let’s look at this in a different light. Let’s forget that he has announced that he is running for president. If they end up handing him the job I think he would take it but I index.jpg;ksxZ;KMreally don’t think that is the end result he’s looking for. Take a step back…every time Trump makes a splash ALL the other candidates have to play catch up. They are suddenly forced to take a stand on something. Lets face it, in politics no one answers a question with a straight answer. What Trump is doing is forcing them to give a real answer. He says something outlandish on the border (and also factual) the media chews him a new hole while RNC candidates scramble to be the first one to either denounce him as a nut job (and outing them as just another pansy politician) or to have the balls to say, “his facts are correct even if he was blunt about it”.

In my mind THAT is Trump’s game. He can afford to make a big media splash…it’s what he does (i.e. you’re fired). He knows how to throw the main stream media in a frenzy and I think he can see the end results before the candidates announce it.


On an unrelated note…who better to kick start the economy again that a man that made millions…lost everything…and built it back into the billions.

Quick note on ammo

Real quick…if you think your pistol is having issues…and the RSO suggests going to the pro shop and buying “suppressor specific” ammo when you’re not shooting suppressed…DON’T LISTEN. Suppressor specific means it is subsonic and will not cycle the action of your pistol unless you have a suppressor on the gun….yes this actually happened…no the customer wasn’t happy that he had just bought, and shot some of, a box of ammo that will never work in his pistol.

That is all.

New Times

It wasn’t that long ago that we thought we were doing well with a couple of “gun guy” friends. There really wasn’t much going on but the normal political battle with the NRA to bother with. Now we see a huge increase in nothing good. Obama is flying to a fundraiser hours after 4 marines and a local P.D. officer are killed by some asshole with a prayer rug. All we see are apologies for everyone but the guy that works all week, pays his taxes, loves his family, goes to church on Sunday, and the range on Saturday.

If you don’t have a network of like minded friends…it’s almost too late to find them. I know because I’m in that boat myself. After a move to a new state and just working and spending time with the wife and kids I look at the world falling apart around us and wonder….who do I have that has my back. My pre-move network is scattered between three or four different states by now. Take a good hard look. Find that network. Stick to them like glue. The time may come, shortly, that we all need to rely on those networks.

Carry on.