The Trump Card


There’s been a lot of media splash on Donald Trump. I have my own idea about what he’s doing. I haven’t heard anyone say it but if you’ve already heard something similar, please let me know the source.

If you remember right this isn’t his first time running in the primary. He always makes a scene and is immediately dismissed. This time is a little different because WE are different. After two terms of the worst US president in national history we as a people are different. We don’t believe the hype that is being thrown at us anymore. We’re sick of the constant flow of bull excrement and someone like Donald Trump getting up there and just laying it out…no apologies…just the facts as he sees them…people are flocking to it and actually listening.

Naturally the media is having none of it. In a society where you are not allowed to say or do something that MAY or MAY NOT offend someone, someone not apologizing is against the rules…and that is exactly why people like him.

Let’s face it though…is the presidency Trumps end game here? No way in Hell. Trump is a Billionaire. He could own Obama several times over. Who is he going to trust to run his business in his four year absence? If you guessed NO ONE, I think you would be correct.

Let’s look at this in a different light. Let’s forget that he has announced that he is running for president. If they end up handing him the job I think he would take it but I index.jpg;ksxZ;KMreally don’t think that is the end result he’s looking for. Take a step back…every time Trump makes a splash ALL the other candidates have to play catch up. They are suddenly forced to take a stand on something. Lets face it, in politics no one answers a question with a straight answer. What Trump is doing is forcing them to give a real answer. He says something outlandish on the border (and also factual) the media chews him a new hole while RNC candidates scramble to be the first one to either denounce him as a nut job (and outing them as just another pansy politician) or to have the balls to say, “his facts are correct even if he was blunt about it”.

In my mind THAT is Trump’s game. He can afford to make a big media splash…it’s what he does (i.e. you’re fired). He knows how to throw the main stream media in a frenzy and I think he can see the end results before the candidates announce it.


On an unrelated note…who better to kick start the economy again that a man that made millions…lost everything…and built it back into the billions.

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