Don’t take Cerakote jobs to the wrong place…

20150625_172411 Okay….let’s talk Cerakote. More specifically lets talk about who you take it to locally. First note that I will not tell you who did the work in the picture, other than it was not me. This is a gun brought in to have a crappy job fixed. Here’s why.20150625_172401

Note that there is at least three different shades going on there. If the “professional” you have chosen to take your expensive piece of hardware to can’t mix up enough of a special order color it’s time to walk away. This particular customer said the previous shop that got the job said the racing green he requested would be no problem. That being said, if the guy you take it to says something to the effect of, “I can probably get something from Hobby Lobby” ,walk away with extreme prejudges. Hobby Lobby has NOTHING that should ever touch a gun, unless it’s a stencil or stencil material.

Next, draw your attention to the pins. Now coating the ends of a load bearing or pivot bearing pin in one thing. Coating the entire pin, and mess with the tolerances of said pin, is a mistake. If something needs it for rust prevention okay but it’s a light spray. We’re talking microns thick.

Okay, do you see the inside of that slide….do you see that crap? Tape off the inside of the slide and don’t coat it…it messes with the tolerances of the friction points of the slide. DON’T do that. The shop you take it to should have an ounce of common sense. You mess with tolerances and you are asking for a gun to go nuclear in someone’s face. You don’t want that…it would ruin your day…and your face. Which happens.

So, long story do some research. Don’t just check the local forum that does nothing but praise the guy next door. I’m not saying that a guy working from his garage is a bad thing…all gunsmiths have been there at one point in his career or another. Just check into his qualifications. If he has none…don’t use him.

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