You know…it’s really too bad that the Mall Ninja’s picked up on MultiCam so quickly. As far as Camouflage goes it’s actually a great pattern. I’m going to lay on the photo’s pretty hard in this post but I want to illustrate the fact that it works.

Why talk about MultiCam? Here’s why. To get this pattern you have to combine shapes that fade into nothing with multiple background colors and hard shapes that look closer than the fading colors. It’s a good concept. Not a perfect one, but a pattern that works in multiple environments (hence Multi_ Cam).scrub-near

First off let’s take a look at different patterns side by side. Here is Army ACU (right) next to MultiCam in the middle. ACU that was supposed to be the end all camo looks like a neon sign in the desert. On the other hand the MultiCam has similar colors to the desert environment so it blends with the vegetation and ground much better. Isn’t that the whole point of camouflage? It was last time I checked. ACU just doesn’t make the cut. Definitely not Gundoc Approved.

Just for giggles I’m adding this old picture from a previous employer for whom I ran the gunsmith shop. For the fans out 524043_3498599420169_1308636471_nthere…yes you see Larry Corriea with a Barret on the left side. This was the “official uniform” of the shop’s annual machine gun shoot. I add it because it is a little difficult to make out the uniform from the background. It’s just a tan camo net in evening light but you can see how similar the colors become when next to each other.

MC-ProneI really like this next photo because it’s taken from relatively close. Even from the close quarters of the shot you can see how well he is blending with the other colors around him. That’s the entire reason to wear a camouflaged uniform. To make it difficult to distinguish between you and your surroundings. This shot is a great example of just how well MultiCam does in a close up desert environment.

multicam-on-patrol-with-212-420x314I’m really glad to see MultiCam in use with our troops. These guys are just out on patrol but you can see the pattern working for them. I like that it isn’t just another desert shot too. There’s rocks, damp trees, and muddy water. Through it all the pattern keeps up with what needs to be done.

multicamvswoodlandLast, but not least, I wanted a picture that points out just how far we’ve come in camouflage technology. You have a woodland uniform on the right and it’s pretty easy to say that it isn’t working for him. He’s and easy silhouette to pick up on making him a very easy target. On the other hand you have the guy MultiCam. Still easily visible but his uniform is helping him to not be so obvious. He blends with the grass and trees around him.

Once again…it’s really too bad that the “Mall Ninjas” picked up on MultiCam so fast and almost ruined it for the rest of us. MultiCam is a great pattern and easy to find. If Amazon has it…it’s plentiful where you’re at. So, even though the “Mall Ninja’s” have given this pattern a stigma already let’s not discount it entirely. Let’s take it back for the regular guys.

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