Battle Rifles

We have a trend going the last fourty years, here in the US, that is a little disturbing. Uppm. hearing the term “battle rifle” everyone thinks only of 5.56. You can’t even convince them of any other caliber. Now sure that is the military’s caliber of choice…mainly. There are a few that remember 7.62×39 because they have an AK variant rifle. That about sums it up though.

Now let’s see…there’s 7.62x54R, 5.45×39, 7.62×39, 7.62×63 (or .30-06), and 7.62×51 (or .308) just to name a few that have been used since WWII.

Where am I with this? I’ve sent a Broadsword out to a few testers now. Although I’m thrilled that they have all done serious accuracy testing with it none have considered it what it was meant to be. Yes, I know 7.62 rifles are used for long range and even our 16″ models are up toothed challenge. Our 18″ test rifle has never ceased give sub MOA accuracy. But by design the Broadsword is a bad to the bone, hit’em hard and hit’em fast battle rifle.

What’s the difference? Sniper rifles have a specific purpose and a specific configuration to complete it’s mission. Long barrels to completely stabilize the bullet. Light, crisp triggers to aid the shooter in breaking the shot at the precise moment desired. Free floated barrels to enhance accuracy of the system. All these things are put together to aid in making a single shot to a specific target.

A battle rifle is a short, light rifle. It has to complete every mission every time. It has to be able to take down multiple enemies in a small amount of time. It needs to go from kicking in doors to enemies several hundred yards away. A light trigger isn’t a good idea. The best thing is to have a strong, reliable trigger. The last thing a battle rifle needs is a trigger that breaks or fails. Accuracy is still necessary but precision (heavy barrels ect) is second to functionality. Lastly, a battle rifle has to be able to take a beating and keep firing.

The Broadsword is, to it’s core, a battle rifle. It has every aspect of current military rifles but the addition of twice the accuracy. Small enough to weave in and out of doors and hallways but accurate enough to engage targets out to distances of 1000 yards or more (depending on the target and the shooter). The Broadsword is begging to be run fast and hard. She’s a hard hitting warrior’s rifle.

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