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Suarez International Group Of Companies
13 APRIL 2012

Rules For The Gunman

1).  Don’t carry the gun to make you a man. Carry because you are in fact a man.

2).  Always carry your gun regardless of social pressures

3).  If you can’t physically carry a gun, always have a knife.

4).  Whenever you carry a gun, also carry a knife…and some spare ammunition.

5).  Carry the gun you can use best regardless of social fashion

6).  Make sure you are good with that gun through continual and obsessive practice

7).  Don’t bluff or threaten with the gun. If you pull it, be certain you are justified and willing to use it.

8).  Using it means shooting the other man or men in the chest and/or the face. Yes, it means killing.

9).  If you can avoid having to shoot, it is a good thing, but do not second guess yourself once it has begun.

10).  To facilitate the former, do not go to stupid places with stupid people to do stupid things at stupid times.

11).  If you are involved in such activities, take a team with you….and rifles.

12).  The default should be to mind your own business.

13).  The only time minding your own business is superceded by getting involved is if what you see shocks the conscience of humanity and needs to be stopped.

14).  The amount of violence you can justify and the number of rules you can break is directly proportionate to the level of evil displayed by your adversary.

15).  Never apologize for using violence. Not only is it indicative of weakness but also of a lack of moral standing.


A little commentary:

1.  Absolutely. Carrying a gun doesn’t make you anything at all. Carry a gun because you are a man or woman, responsible for your selves and those around you. Those you care enough to protect and those strangers who need protection from evil doers.

2. Social pressures…are we really going to get into that? As aforementioned men and women, we battle social pressures every day just being who we are and what we stand for. This is a non issue for us.

3. Sure there are time that you simply can’t have your gun on you. Post office, court, so on ans so forth. Always have a knife on you.  If they won’t allow you to protect yourself in a place that has become famous for the term “going postal” with your tool of choice then at least have a good knife on you. Bottom line is, never be without a defense tool.

4. Spare ammo, duh. You never know when a knife will come in handy. Gun or no gun always carry a knife.

5. Barbeque guns aside, always carry the weapon you are most comfortable with. The one you know you can rely on and that you are accurate with. Yours, or the life of someone else may depend on it.

6. Continual practice. Absolutely. Obsessive…may be a little obsessive…know what I mean?

7. DON’T BE STUPID. Bluffing or threatening with a gun is called Brandishing a Weapon and you will see jail time for it. Use your head folks. If you feel you have to draw your weapon you’re already in mortal danger. Threatening will either get you said jail time or give the bad guy enough time to kill you.

8. I can’t say much more about #8. Be aware that if you have to pull your weapon to defend your life, it means killing another human being. Don’t take drawing your weapon lightly and don’t do it unless you mean it.

9. Most of the time drawing your weapon and issuing a verbal order in a command voice will make the bad guy soil themselves. They look for willing or easy victims. Fighting back isn’t something they are expecting. For all others refer to #8.

10. and 11. Kind of a non issue for civilians. That being said, if you were going into a known danger zone, yes, bring a team and rifles. For the rest of us civilians…avoid those areas entirely.

12. Common sense. Mind your own business. Stay low key. Don’t make yourself a target.

13. Yes, if you see someone being beaten to death, shot, or raped it is time to stop minding your own business and help the victim.  You can do so with pride.

14. A little evil demands a little action. Someone may just need a black eye to back off. If the level of evil is more like the above examples then more force is needed to deal with the situation. It’s up to you to know what level of violence is legal in your state and what you are comfortable with doing.

15. If some dirtbag forces you to defend your life. I see no need to apologize for that. Will we feel sorry for the family the dirtbag left behind? Any human being would. If you don’t then you have something disconnected inside.

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