Missing my baby

I have to admit I am really missing my Broadsword. It’s currently off with a Harris Publications writer. It’s going through a rigorous 60 day test and evaluation. I am really looking forward to the upcoming article but when it comes down to it I am looking forward to the Broadsword’s return even more. My crew has gotten more trigger time with it than I have, okay so they’ve gotten a lot more trigger time than I have but I digress. The fact that this rifle is missing from the shop has created a void in the armory. This is, after all, the first Broadsword built strictly for the uses of the shop. Sure, we have built many rifles for others and sure I get to test fire each. Having a Broadsword, one of the sexiest rifles ever built, if I do say so myself, all to ourselves…well there’s nothing like it.

All our testing on this rifle has been bone dry with only the basic Slipstream treatment for lubrication. We put over 200 rounds through a 7.62 AR pattern rifle with no oil ever touching bolt/carrier group. That’s unheard of.

After that did we strip it down clean it, re-Slipstream it, and ship it out for testing? Why? I ran a bore snake down the barrel a few times and packed her up. Why would I do that? Because the rifle had to be tested in it’s true nature. It’s a do all battle rifle. It’s 16″ or 18″ barrel gives the operator the compact rifle capable of use in compact areas. Kicking in doors or room to room fighting for instance. Just as the weapon the rifle was named for the Broadsword has a double edge. This edge is accuracy. The polygonal rifling give even our shorter barrels the accuracy of their longer, traditionally rifled, counterparts. We had one of our early Broadswords, owned by a friend of Crusader, out at the range this past weekend. Great close and medium range accuracy, naturally. The fact that our best shooter was able to hit the gong at 1000 yards with a 16″ barreled rifle is an extreme testament to the rifle’s capabilities.

No other rifle operates as smooth, as reliable, or as accurate as a Crusader rifle. As a do all (CQB, medium, and long range) battle rifle there is truly nothing like the Crusader Broadsword. NOTHING.

Needless to say…I can’t wait for our Broadsword to come home.

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