The Perfect Rifle for the Job

We all know that it’s not enough to simply survive the Uprising and it’s no surprise that you need a good quality rifle to thrive during the Zombie Apocalypse. Well, admit it, “good quality” just doesn’t cut it. If you could take only one rifle it would have to handle well in close range fights, be good enough to handle distant shots with relative ease, and simply work every time you pull the trigger. Now, you’re going to need the rifle to meet certain criteria. 1, reliability. 2, accurate. 3, handle quickly and easily.

Well, luckily I have just the rifle to endorse for your zombie survival needs. The Crusader Templar is the do all rifle that meets all the needed criteria. With a stainless steel, polygonal rifled barrel you more than meet the accuracy needs. Polygonal rifling deforms the bullet much less than traditional rifling and lets the bullet travel down it with more ease. What this gives you is more velocity for a heavier down range hit and a bullet that flies more true for enhanced accuracy. Is there really anything better? We say no.

Now for reliability. We’re talking about the only rifles with Crusader’s proprietary Slipstream Treatments. These permanent lubrication treatments will keep your rifle running as long as you have ammo. Long after your rust prevention oil has cooked off the Slipstream treatment will keep the rifle in the rock’n and roll’n.  Nothing kills friction like Slipstream…NOTHING.

During sustained fire you need you rifle to stay on target. You know it and I know it. Well the Crusader Templar has an answer for that too. The BattleComp compensator is all you will ever need. We’ve tested these extensively and the results are staggering. For distant shots not only do you get back on target quickly but never leave the target. This is because the BattleComp completely changes the recoil profile of the rifle. Muzzle flip is a thing of the past making the recoil straight back. This also changes how a double tap works. Instead of worrying about your shots climbing they stay side by side. There is yet another effect of this compensator. Felt recoil reduction. Yeah, that’s right. I said “felt” recoil reduction. It turns your 5.56 into a .22lr. No joke.

Lastly, your zombie survival rifle has to handle well. The Crusader Templar is a quick handling AR type rifle with an 18″ barrel. This gives you enough length for superb accuracy but the ease of motion of a carbine. This is truly the perfect zombie hunter’s rifle.

Go see for details on this rifle and other Crusader products.


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