Huey’s Gunsight

A We The Armed member an interesting thread in the Crusader board about Slipstream. Some months back a father that had used Slipstream bought some for his son about to deploy. I made sure it got to him before he shipped out. The      member, Bluedog, created the thread in the link to let us know a little of his son’s experience with it overseas.

This sparked another member, Huey, to start a Slipstream for the troops drive on his own blog and even started off the drive by being the first to order. I’d really like you to read about his endeavor in his own words. He says it much better   than I ever could. I’d like to thank him for starting this drive and in doing so helping us get some good gear over to our warriors in harms way. It is our belief that Slipstream will keep their weapons functioning properly longer and stronger  than the CLP they are issued. Their weapon is their tool to get them home safely. We may ship them over there but they fight their way home and we want to help them do so.

We would like to offer Huey our deepest gratitude. He has listed some short instructions on his blog so please read his post.

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