Women’s only Defensive Pistol

For some time now we’ve been asked for a women’s only pistol course. I think it’s a great idea and we’ve been tailoring a class around the idea. I enjoy every class we teach but I like the idea of a women’s only course. It’s always a good idea for men to learn to defend their families but we aren’t always with our families. We at least have the chance to intimidate an adversary and avoid the situation.

The fairer sex is an easier target but doesn’t have to be. It is our goal, with this course, to give women a shot of confidence that they can defend themselves as well. If we take even a little fear out of the night for even a few our good women then I’m satisfied.

Our first such course is June 19th. We’ve made it women only so the only competition is between you and yourself. So come on out and let us teach you to conquer the night.

$150 course fee

at the Buckskin Hills Range

Bring your pistol, a holster, water and any food you want.

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