NEW SlipStream Treatment

I just tested out the new ST-1 treatment on my Stag (yes I still have it…no one’s bought it yet) here is my findings after playing with it this morning. You know it’s good when it’s a dull gray. Nice coating. Better than that is how it works. You can still tell that the rifle is dry but it makes no change in how slick it is. I would have no problem taking it through an advanced course right now. No oil just grab it and go. The buffer and spring is totally silent. I mean TOTALLY silent. The only thing you can hear is the bolt opening and closing. Yeah it’s that quiet. Now that I’m completely redundant I think you get the point. This treatment will still help in cleaning. As you can tell from how slick it is, nothing really sticks to this stuff. That being said, baked on carbon is baked on carbon. A touch of oil every (aprox) 1000 rounds will help keep the carbon floating away from the parts.

When you have this service done the parts are cleaned and degreased before application so it comes back to you literally ready for the range. Unless you are shooting dirty/corrosive ammo I wouldn’t clean the rifle until you have several hundred rounds, or more, through it. The more you shoot it before cleaning the more you work the treatment into the pores of the metal.

For the ST-1 Treatment all you need to send in is your bolt/carrier group, charging handle, buffer with spring. The cost on this service is $50.00 and is available now. If you’re interested just send me an email at

Our ST-2 and ST-3 treatments are coming soon.

2 thoughts on “NEW SlipStream Treatment

  1. Greetings. I enjoy your blogs. I see that you are a graduate of Colorado School of Trades. I’m interested in pursueing my desire to become a gunsmith as I ease into retirement. I’m an excellent welder/fabricator with a long history of boat building. I’m seeking info about the CSOT gunsmithing program from graduates of the program. Any pros or cons you can pass along will be much appreciated.

    1. CST is a great school. You come away from CST with 2 yrs of working on customer guns so you already have a good bit of experience when you graduate. They teach you all the heavy machines, lathe, mill, but also give you a sense that when you start out you may not have the cash for those machines so you also learn to smith on a budget. That’s something other courses do not give you. I recommend CST.

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