Verdict on Para

I’ve put up a little bit about Para Ord. in the past. Some time has passed and I wanted to revisit it. The Para double stacked 1911 came highly recommended to me. Some one I respected and whom I valued their opinion. I’ve carried it for almost a year now. I don’t mind the weight. A double stacked magazine of .45acp is a man sized endeavor and I’m up to the task. I conceal it well because of my IWB holster. When only the grip is visible it’s easy to hide it. I have some more intense opinions of it now that I’ve had it to the range more.

My last trip to the range with it I have to admit was disappointing. I’ve written about how quick the finish wears off even in a leather holster and no range time. That doesn’t bother me that much. It’s something I have the ability to solve. I do, however, have a problem with paying as much as I did for it (MSRP $959.00) and have not only finish issues but accuracy issues. Now I consider myself a fair pistol shot. I mean, at my Blackwater vetting course I actually got board with the center mass 10 ring (our targets were Arabs with an AK47). I instead went for the 10 ring in the head and yes even out to 25 meters with a Glock 19 the compact 9mm. Now for me to have groupings the size of those in the picture…that just isn’t acceptable for me. Now yes, I’m a gunsmith and I can fit a new bushing that will fix the problem. After paying a crap load of money for it why should I have to work on it to make it shoot the way a 1911 should? What’s the answer? Ding, ding, ding you win the prize! I shouldn’t have to do that kind of work on it to make it shoot right.

Am I upset with this gun. No. Not at all. I’m the one that took the advise offered me instead of doing the research and shooting the one owned by the guy giving the advise. Yeah…pretty stupid. However, here again this is something I can fix. My project gun mostly done.  As soon as I bob the hammer so it fits in the new beaver tail safety The Para is going away. Why wait, you say. Because I have my eye on another pistol to replace the Para with (details later) but won’t go without a pistol in the mean time. My family means more to me than that and won’t go without my main sidearm until the replacement pistol and hollow points have been purchased. Now let me leave it at that before I get off topic.

Same targets photographed at different angles so the different groups can be easily seen.

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