New on Discovery Channel

Did any of you see the premier of Discovery Channels new series “The Colony”? I thing this is one of the best and most timely shows I’ve ever watched. Through the whole thing I just sat there wishing I had been chosen to be on that show. Holy crap would a few things be different but all in all a great experiment into what a bunch of city born egg heads and a couple working class folks can do together in a pinch. They had a couple marauders come knocking. All they had was a pipe to defend themselves. Oops, that would change. They had welding torches and bulk steel. Edged weapons would have been one of my first project.

Only one other thing would have been first. This one they did right. They got a water source and a way to purify it. Once done they also found a way to store it in bulk. What champs. They did a first rate job of on this aspect. They even lucked out and got a big rain storm and was able to use the storm run off for wash water and once the water ran clear they were able to take it to the purifying system and store it.

The one thing I’d like to smack them for is food. They were able to scrounge up some but they are going through it with out finding a new and renewable food source. That’s one thing that has to change.

Any way this is a worth while show. I couldn’t sleep last night just thinking about what I would have done differently, what was done right and if the women will be able to take it with the men’s survival instincts kicking in. Watch it. You’ll like it as much as I do.

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