Wife’s P225

We had my wife’s P6 (P225) pistol out with us camping this past weekend. What a sweet little shooter. I didn’t think I was hitting anything with it at first. On closer inspection I noticed it was making one ragged hole. What a great little gun. If anyone has the chance to get one I personally recommend it.


6 thoughts on “Wife’s P225

  1. Interesting. I don’t see it on Sig’s website, but I saw a couple things here and there about it. Curiousity, what would be the advantage of using the 225 over the 226?


  2. I have both guns (actually two of the P226’s) and I love them both. When I go to the woods I carry my 226, when I am around town it the 225. The 225 is a smaller flatter gun ideal for a CCW. Mine was a surplus gun that I sent back to SIG and had them go thru and place night sites on ($130 for whole service)and I ordered some spare parts (including a barrel from EFK)after I shot it to make sure I liked it in. Granted after all that I have in it I could have purchased a brand new gun, but its another SIG for my collection and I believe they are one of the top 3 manufactures of handguns (HK,Glock,SIG).

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