Privateer Leather

527ab3_16bb578a9b894ac9a2d905a3e7821317I know I’ve written about this company before but you’ll come to see that I come back to companies that I like. No, there’s no pay involved or even an extra nice word about us, I simply do it because I really like their work. That’s the case with Privateer Leather.

Service with this company is fantastic. A few months ago a friend was looking for his first carry holster…without a uniform being involved…so I let him know about Privateer. When I sent Wes (the owner of Privateer Leather) an email telling him that I was sending a 527ab3_b254bd78b93440129ca2f6dba19ad6cefriend his way I had a reply the same day. This wasn’t the only interaction I’ve had with Wes and always got the same fast response. I really appreciate a company that is not only prompt but seems genuinely pleased to hear from customers.

So how’s the quality, you ask? All Privateer holsters and belts are made from Hermann Oak, A-grade, leather (hides from American cows, tanned in St. Louis, Missouri). They use bonded polyester thread, for UV and sweat resistance. Where applicable, Pull-The-Dot one-way snaps are used. The belt buckles are made from solid low-lead brass. Basically, the best hardware and materials available.

Privateer doesn’t use double-stitching, normally, because they use thread that’s considerably heavier than what most other makers use. That makes double-stitching not only difficult but also unnecessary. The exception is that double-stitch is used around the belt tunnels on the avenger-style holsters (and Privateer considers it more for looks than 527ab3_0890f733a387472bb183a6cb5d69d990any need for reinforcement). All of their holsters have a body shield and reinforced mouth as standard features (but will make them without by request).

I have one of their Highwayman models. It is probably their most popular model, according to Wes, and I can see why. I love mine. It stays snug against my hip, it’s built like a Marine LAV-25 fighting vehicle, and comfortable enough for all day carry. To be honest it’s my outside the waistband go-to holster.

gunbeltCarry and dress belts are another great result of the product vision of Privateer Leather. I haven’t had the opportunity to try one out yet so I’ll save comments on them for another time. Visually speaking, they look great and would be a fitting addition to casual or even dress attire.

We can’t end without saying something about their mag carriers. They have all the same sturdy construction as their counterparts with some really cool features. Close your eyes and think for a minute…what’s the one uncomfortable thing about carrying mags (no I’m not talking about weight)? I’m a big guy so for me it’s the bottom corner of the mags digging into my side or the corner of the carrier doing the same thing. Well for those of us with that problem, Wes has a solution. I know we all enjoy the body shield section of a holster…well why not include that on your mag carriers too? Privateer has done just that with their Limpet model. They give you the option of full shield, half, or none. See what I mean below.

Front of the Limpet model

Of course they have a few other models but this was one with features I just had to share. I do enjoy the FBI cant to the mags but of course I

Rear of Limpet model

have to be difficult. For me, and this is just my opinion for my body type and carry style, I would like to see them cant slightly to the rear. I think, key word there, think that would give the hand a natural angle to fall onto the magazine. Depending on the angle and carrier tightness, one could simple pull almost straight from there with no issues. Again…my funky opinion dealing with my funky body construction.

I’d like to say that was it…but like all good companies Privateer is always innovating. I heard this morning that I will be getting pictures of a new project in a few weeks. That’s right…new Privateer awesomeness. So go take a look. I don’t intend to give these out to everyone but Privateer has earned the Gundoc Seal of Approval.





There are big changes coming to the Chetwood Clan Armory. Since the debacle with GA Precision we have been thinking of how to bounce back. After discussing things with family and friends we have decided to phase out custom rifles completely.
We will continue to do local gunsmithing and even out of state gunsmithing work if it is interesting. Let me be clear about one thing though…SLIPSTREAM WILL NEVER GO AWAY.
The main focus will now be Gundoc’s Doctrine. It’s been a project of mine since before Crusader and now is the move that makes sense. I will be sending out messages to small shop holster makers, ammo makers, gun makers, ect locally (if you now any near you I would appreciate giving me a shout) and across the country. We will turn Gundoc’s from a “when I feel like it” blog into something truly unique.
How many gun magazines have a gunsmith doing reviews? And I’m not talking about just taking it to the range, getting pictures, and writing a glowing report because it was a free day at the range. I’m talking about tearing it down and getting to know it like only a gunsmith can. I’m talking about being able to tell you about design flaws and what the quality truly is. Sure…I’m taking it to the range…you have to see how it shoots…but I believe I can give a perspective on firearms that isn’t being given.
I hope you’ll all support us in this move and stick with us during the shift to writing more than building.
Thank you,

South Texas Deer vs. 30-06

I had the unfortunate experience, lately, of seeing what a friends 30-06 did to the small South Texas Whitetail. It’s not a pretty picture. In fact I’m choosing not to post pictures because of the mess it made. If we were talking about a horror movie…sure. But not hunting. I’m just going to put this out there and leave it alone. The 30-06 is over powered for Texas deer unless we’re talking about a long distance shot…not that such a shot is readily available in South Texas.

New Hunters

It’s no surprise that hunting is on the rise. Reasons ranging from prepers to dads continuing a tradition share in the credit for it. We’re seeing a new source though. A friend tagged me in a post containing THIS article.

I find the article fascinating for several reasons. The fact that women are finally getting interested in the game in numbers that count is an amazing trend. The one that I really enjoy is that vegans are getting on board. This makes me smile in ways that it just shouldn’t…but I’m still grinning. One that almost bothers me is that the new hunters are being viewed as “athletes”. Someone in good physical condition able to go up mountains and bring meat for the freezer back down said mountain. When I grew up we called such individuals “men”. NFL players…those were athletes. NBA…athletes. Hunters were never seen as those capable of great feets…meerly normal human male activities. I think that trend comes from an increasing level of leisure in today’s world. productImage5415w592MAR

Anyway the world of hunting has changed and there’s actually some cool things happening with it. No longer do we see the best fabrics for hunters containing the words wool and plaid. Adaptations like this has taken us out of the “redneck” category and allowing the “modern man” to join the hunting camp. Sure they are there for slightly different reasons. They are excited for the adventure and filling the freezer is a secondary thought. For many of the older generation those reasons are reversed. I really don’t care if we are seeing a shift. I’m just glad to see a new generation of hunters.